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Beta: Keep Notes within Fivetran!

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    I'd like to participate in this, as we need to have some metadata available to the connector. If you can have the metadata in the fivetran logs connectors table, it would be even better!

    My team made this feature request. We are definitely interested in testing this out when it becomes available! Thanks for all the hard work!

    Please let us know when this request is available! Would be really helpful

    Yes, connector notes would be valuable.  Also it would be great to be able to export to a google sheet all connectors, the notes and some stats about each.  Everyone who manages the ELT process needs to do this basic reporting.

    Hi guys,

    awaited feature, we would like to participate as well.

    Additionally, I have a similar request as Yong mentioned - having more metadata on the Conectors' list - like even maybe icons or links about details, for example: replication method for db connection or open support requests related to the connector.
    Especially the last one would be helpful in combination of having more metadata about affected connectors or destinations on the My requests page. We have more cases with the same Subject but for different connectors or destinations - there is no other way than opening them separately to find the one you need. 

    Thank you in advance for your support, bye.

    I noticed that there are two names being used for requests: My Requests usually, but on the top-right envelope icon this is called My cases - small inconsistency. Similarly with the subject of the request, this is named usually Subject, but on the "Subject a request" page this is named "Issue Title"

    I'm interested

    Our team is interested. Thanks for the update! is interested in this as well.

    We’ll certainly take it for a spin!


    Very interested for our use cases (setting maturity levels on connectors in development, testing etc.)

    Can we get access to this feature please? Thank you

    I would want to participate and have this enabled in our Fivetran account.

    I am interested in this feature, please can you give me access to the private preview. 

    HARBIR DHALIWAL - Sorry for the delay, this has been enabled on your account

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