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Connector Improvement: DCM Path to Conversion


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    Hi Jim, Drew from the product team here!

    Thanks for creating this request. I'll look into getting the "Include Unattributed Conversions" attribute available to you. Seems like a fairly straightforward change.

    I'm not as clear on what you are looking for around lookback windows here. Feel free to expand on it in this thread!

    Hi Drew,

    The lookback window fields can either be set to use the media's lookback window or a custom window.  This can limit the amount of data received if you only want 3 days but the media is setup with a 7 day window, or it can result in a little extra data being available for download by maxing out the windows to 90/90.  In testing, we've found we get more with the custom window at 90 days.

    Here is what it looks like in our JSON when we use the API:

    "reportProperties": {
    "clicksLookbackWindow": 90,
    "impressionsLookbackWindow": 90,
    "maximumClickInteractions": 100,
    "maximumImpressionInteractions": 100,
    "includeUnattributedIPConversions": true,
    "includeUnattributedCookieConversions": true,

    Hey Jim,

    Thanks for that additional detail! I don't have a specific timeline for this, but we'll look at prioritizing it during our quarterly planning.

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