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Other: REST API: New endpoint to connect external logging service


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    Hi Jonathan, thanks for writing in! We'll get this into our backlog. 

    Could you describe in a bit more detail what you're solving for? Would having an account-wide external logging service handle what you're looking for, or is having an external service configured on a destination-by-destination basis the only ideal outcome? 

    Thank you!


    Hi Jimmy,

    I am working with Jonathan on the same project and we desire to have this configurable per connector due to our connectors syncing data from various AWS regions. We want to use CloudWatch to filter on the "status" log event so we can determine when a connector has finished syncing successfully. This will result in a Lamda function being run, which puts a new message on an SQS queue with the connector's details. We are doing this so we can orchestrate the connection sync end with a follow-up Matillion transformation job.



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