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Connector Improvement: Allow change to degree of parallelism/threads used by connector

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    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for your post in our feature request portal. As you mentioned, we have recently started rolling out multithreading to various connectors to improve performance. That being said, we don't want to risk customer's systems resources when running syncs.

    Fivetran's key product principles is to minimize configuration for customers. We have been discussing ways to reduce the number of threads used for syncs to reduce impact to the source. We are thinking that this would be a dynamic approach such that if we see high load or low resources available on the database, we would scale down the sync, possibly even to be single threaded again.

    Also, we have recently reduced the max number of threads used for Postgres to 4 sessions at one time. Out of interest, what would be the ideal number of threads used for syncs?

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