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Connector Improvement: Sample sync of connectors in dev/Beta

Not planned

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    Alexander User

    What an interesting request! Thanks for submitting. This will be easier to accomplish with connectors featuring priority first sync. It should be possible for all connectors by customizing where the cursor is set. I recommend working with your account team to get this special behavior. It is not currently on the roadmap. However, I see there are already two upvotes and we will certainly dive deeper into the possibility of adding this to the product if many people need it. We try to keep the right balance between simplicity and configurability

    Thank you for the reply, Alexander! For us, one of key connectors is MySQL which does not have priority-first sync enabled yet if I'm correct. Also, do you know if only doing the forward sync is possible with this feature? (and not doing a backfill afterwards)

    I sense there might/will be a solution for most connectors that could be leveraged here to solve this issue relying on the priority-first sync in addition to syncing empty tables and columns, so it is definitely a good starting point. However, it looks like it is not rolled out evenly across all connectors yet.