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Connector Improvement: Option to set sync frequency to more then 24 hours


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    Thanks, Karan! This functionality is available through the REST API - check it out here. I'm curious to learn more about your use case. We typically recommend customers sync data frequently. We only charge for the changes so the effect on your bill is minimal and the benefit to data freshness and sync reliability is important. For that reason, we plan to continue making this functionality available through the REST API but not in the user interface, where we try to keep things simple and guide people to good choices for most people.

    Hi Alexander,

    If we go with API approach to run a sync job, will the standard sync disabled? 

    My requirement is to run 1st and 15th of every month. As Fivetran doesn't support cron expressions, I will be using external tools to call Fivetran API ({connector_id}/force).

    In this case, I want to disable standard sync so that it won't run daily once. Is it possible?




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