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    Hi Charles & Andy,

    Thanks for raising this! Linking Checkouts to Orders sounds pretty important, so we'll see how we can best support this. From a technical perspective, with Shopify reorganizing their APIs with new focus on GraphQL, the list of which fields are supported via which API are basically a venn diagram of REST vs GraphQL. It may be the case that syncing the checkout_id is possible with GraphQL but not at the same time as some REST-only fields. So as mentioned, we'll take a look and see what we can do! I'll be sure to share out plans here. Hopefully we can avoid any hybrid-API table creation.

    All the best,

    Ray Harris
    Product Manager, Sales & Customer Success Analytics

    +1 to this, it looks like the checkout table was deprecated in July 2020. Checkout ID could be attached to the Orders table. We currently have checkout_token, but there is no way to transform that back into checkout_id. We need it because some of our GA transaction IDs will map over to checkout ID in certain cases when Google Analytics cannot capture Order ID.

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