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Connector Improvement: Braze - table selection


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    Hi Stuart, Drew from the Product Team here!

    Thanks for this request. What would your use case for Braze without event data look like?

    We currently inform incremental syncs for all of the metadata tables based on the Braze currents data that Fivetran receives. So this would be a major change and I would like to fully understand what value it would provide to the end user.

    Hey Stuart & Drew!

    We have the same issue. There are several types of event tables. While we do use the records found in e.g. "email_event" and "session_event", we have no use for the records in "custom_event" and "canvas_entry_event" (nor for the meta-data that's exclusively related to it). Since these tables have quite numerous records and therefor contribute significantly to the MAR consumption, we'd like to be able to disable their sync.

    This feature is really necessary as if we select 'user' tables in the sync connector takes several days to sync, but without those tables connector sync completes in 15 minute. However there is no option currently to just pull data for 'user' tables so I would like to upvote this idea of giving ability to select 1 or many tables as per user requirement from braze. 

    We need this feature as well. There are a lot of event that we are ingesting but we don't need 

    This feature is now available. Marking as Completed.