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    Sam User

    Hi Gary, Sam from the Product team here- thanks for submitting this request! We don't have this planned at this time. However, we are looking into building Workday Financial Management and Human Capital Management.  We will continue to collect customer demand to justify the commitment to support & maintain a high-quality Fivetran connector. Every upvote on this request increases the case to build it.

    Hi @.... Any updates on this? We are interested in this as well.

    Hello, we're also interested in this

    Hi All - This is a connector we are considering building in this coming year. I would love to learn more about your use cases for Adaptive Planning. 

    I'll reach out to those who have upvoted this post to get a better understanding of how your organization is currently using Adaptive Planning today and how you would want to integrate this data with your data warehouse. 



    Erin we'd love to chat with you about this connector and hear more about your timeline. send me an email :D 

    Hi, we'd like this at Netskope as well.

    Hi Team, 

    I see some interest for this connector recently! Could you maybe speed up the build? 

    We'd like this as well.

    As an FYI - according to our finance team there are relatively few tools in the planning space, and adaptive (owned by Workday) is one of the main players.

    Erin Do you have a timeline for this? Can we beta test this connector? We have a need for this soon, and we were going to develop a custom Lambda function connector.

    We'd be interested in being a part of this beta as well, if possible! 

    Hi Erin/ Sam

    Any updates on this connector. ? We have a need for this connector.

    We also need this!

    We would also love to see this connector!


    Can we get a status update on this connector request?



    Hi All - We have taken up a Proof Of Concept for this connector this quarter. We will hopefully have more on the timeline after the Proof Of Concept is complete. 

    Hi Fivetran team.  Do you have any update on possible timelines on this one?  Thanks

    Hi, as someone previously asked, is there an update on this?

    Hey Team! Do you have an update on how the PoC went? Would this be part of the future roadmap?


    We are also interested about the Adaptive Insights connector, do you have any updates  ? 



    We also need this connector for Workday Adaptive planning! Please let us know if there are any news on this.