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Allow sorting/filtering of the Schema by "checked"


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    Andrew Morse User

    I'm excited to announce that this feature is now live! You can read more about it in our Release Notes. Thanks to everyone for upvoting this feature as your votes helped us better prioritize this ease of use enhancement. 

    Hi Matthew - Thank you for the suggestion! I'm from the design team and I'd like to understand a bit more about what you're trying to accomplish. Could you walk me through the problem you're trying to solve where sorting/filtering by checked fields is useful? 

    The schema page currently has a search field where you can search by table name. How would adding the ability to sort/filter by checked fields help? 

    We appreciate your feedback! 

  • Andrew Morse User

    Hi Matthew- Thanks for the request! We're exploring a few updates to our schema tab to help folks manage their schema settings more efficiently. I'll go ahead and pass this idea onto our design team.

    Hi Sisi

    My use is as follows:

    I have completed my initial checking of relevant tables and started the sync, which has run. I now want to compare which tables I've marked for sync against an internal system. To do this I'd ideally want to have a view of ONLY the checked tables, otherwise I need to scroll through 100's of unchecked Salesforce tables.

    Hope this is clear?

    Hi Matthew, 

    Thank you for your clarification. When you are comparing the tables you've synced against an internal system, what is your motivation? What are you comparing? What other actions might you take during our comparison of the selected tables against your internal system? 

    Thank you. 

    Hi Sisi


    Our most recent use case is that we have 2 salesforce instances, UAT & PROD. We would like to maintain parity in terms of which tables we have in PROD and mirror that in UAT. At the moment this is quite a difficult task.


  • Andrew Morse User

    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for sharing. Have you explored using our API to script/build something lightweight to perform this action for you?

    Hi @... no I haven't, I will take a look. Are there any github libraries with examples of using it?

    (really appreciate the API, but part of the appeal of Fivetran was avoiding doing any engineering :D)


  • Andrew Morse User

    Unfortunately I don't believe so. I hear you on leveraging an API for that not being ideal, but it is our most flexible option when there's a specific need that we haven't heard before. That being said, I have noted this down and as we think about how to improve the schema page we will take it into consideration.

    There are some more generic features that might meet your need that are on our backlog, specifically the ability to download a CSV of a schema. Would that type of feature allow you to improve the way you're comparing across destinations? 

  • Andrew Morse User

    Thanks everyone for upvoting and commenting this request. We are planning on enabling this feature in late May or early June. If anyone would like a sneak peak, don't hesitate to email me at