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Show Estimated Table Row Size in UI


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    Hi David,

    Thanks for your feedback here! This is a reasonable request, although we at Fivetran would like to remove as much of the database management complexities or size/volume concerns from the user as possible.

    Ideally, we improve the speed of the MySQL connector significantly so that time or sync duration is less of a concern!

    I will review this with our team, but please note that we are prioritizing database replication speed and performance as a top initiative. We hope to make connecting to databases easy, simple, and fast!


    We're also interested in this feature - sometimes I just want to estimate beforehand home much "load" this table will add, or even if it's a useful table at all (does it have 5 rows or 30,000 rows).

    We use mainly the Salesforce connector and alike so we sometimes don't really know the state of these tables before syncing them. It causes me to sync and delete on errors.

    Hi Fivetran Team,


    Yes, this is one of the essential requirements. We have lot of tables from different sources pending to be connected and we are unsure about its size.

    I am surprised as to how this has not been implemented yet!

    And if it has already been implemented can you please let us know how to utilise this feature (code or no-code).

    Thank you :)