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SCIM System for Cross-domain Identity Management


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    Hi Kimberly, thanks for submitting this request. This is not currently planned, but it is something we are investigating and may do in the future. Would you mind sharing a little bit more about why this is important to you or your team? 


    Fully support this, when removing user in Okta we still need to remove them manually in Fivetran.

    We would also like a SCIM Integration with Fivetran and Okta. This would let us automatically provision and de-provision users into Fivetran making administration of Fivetran's users easier to manage. 

    We are super excited to share that we have SCIM Integration with Okta now in Private Preview! The integration enables provisioning and de-provisioning users via Okta. User information including their account roles can be enabled in Okta. We would love to have you be part of the program. I'll reach out individually with more information about the recent release. 


    is this in Private Preview for Okta only or Azure AD as well?



    It is currently in private preview for Okta. We will be going into private preview with AzureAD in Q3. 


    Meera is this still private preview (Okta)? I would be interested in this as well.

    We are super excited to share that this feature is now available for all our customers! Documentation for Okta is live - 


    Please do reach out if you have any concerns at all!


    We use Azure AD SCIM for Snowflake and would like to use the same with Fivetran.

    Are there any plans to enable Fivetran to work with Azure AD SCIM?

    We do not have Okta in our organization.

    Please advise.


    Hi Sameer, 

    We are happy to share that AzureAD SCIM is in Private Preview currently. We expect the product to be widely available in about a month (GA). Please let us know and we can get your team onboarded ASAP. 



    Thanks Meera,

    Glad to know that Azure AD SCIM is in Private Preview (PrPr).

    I will contact our Fivetran Account Exec to see if our organization can participate in this PrPr.

    Where can I get an email notification when this feature becomes GA? Will you post here with a link to the documentation, once it becomes Generally Available?

    We will post an update here when the product goes GA. Look forward to collaborating with your team.




    Hi Sameer,

    We are excited to share that SCIM with AzureAD is live. Setup documentation is available here.



    Fantastic news Meera and thanks for sharing the link to the Azure AD SCIM document.

    Noticed a typo when I clicked on the doc link, at the top under IMPORTANT section, it should say Azure AD instead of OKTA.

    I've put in a request for an update. Thank you for flagging the typo, Sameer.