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Connector Improvement: Additional Fields for Facebook Pages

Not planned

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    Hi Martin and Brandon, Drew from the Product Team here! Thanks for submitting and upvoting this request.

    I'll look into this requirement to understand what we can deliver. This is currently not prioritized, but I will update here if that changes.

    Just adding that this would be very beneficial for us as well. Our clients very often would rather see images to identify posts versus dates/captions.

    Hi Drew, 

    Glad to hear this made it to your desk. Looking forward to see if this becomes priority and/or something that can be implemented. 


    Hi Drew, 

    Our stakeholders were asking if there was any updates on this request? I wanted to see if there was any updates. 

    Speak soon, 


    Hey Drew, daily 60 second video views would also be extremely helpful - have logged a ticket here

    Hi Drew, 

    To add urgency on our end for acquiring the image URLs for Facebook and Twitter. We are paying for another tool that currently has this feature and would be reducing spend by switching over completely to Fivetran. 

    See images of the dashboard attached from vendor tool.