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Account Management: Google Workplace SAML


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  • Official comment
    Fraser User

    Hi Dennis - we've documented how to configure Google Workspace SAML.  Have you succeeded in setting it up?

  • Alexa Maturana-Lowe User

    Hi Dennis Kugelmann, I'm trying to understand what Google Workspace is - it looks like it's like Google Suite based on the marketing website. I'm not sure that I understand how this is related to SAML. Could you provide more context?

    We do already support Google OAuth as a required Authentication method. Perhaps thats related? 

    Hi Alexa,
    Yes they recently rebranded G Suite to Google Workspace. G Suite similar to Active Directory supports Single Sign On via SAML.

    The benefit I see SAML has over only requiring Google OAuth is the automatic provisioning and in the future possibily deprovioning or setting user roles based on SAML groups.

    And as SAML is such an open standard it should be possible to configure SAML with Google Workspace.

    When I tried this I was able to properly configure the Google Workspace side, but when I got redirected to Fivetran I got an error.

    So with this feature request I want to achieve that I can configure Google Workplace as the Identity provider for a Fivetran SAML connection.

    Thanks Dennis! I've added this to our engineering team's board to investigate further, and we'll report back if/when it is prioritized.

    Yes I did succeed in setting it up already :)