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    Hi John and Deepti,

    We do not sync this column, because we are on an older WDSL version that does not support it yet. As of January 2021 we have upgraded the version and will be rolling this out to all customer. Then the TAXSTATUS column will be supported.


    Hi FiveTran team, we (DocuSign) are currently using Matillion to extract data from Zuora into Snowflake. We are looking to switch over to FiveTran for the same. I'm currently working on POC to check how feasible it is to make this transition from Matillion to FiveTran as smoothly as possible. One of the main criteria for us to make this transition would be to have minimal/zero impact on existing downstream jobs and users. We observed that FiveTran doesn't extract  column TAXSTATUS for INVOICE object of Zuora. It is not listed under Schema page of Zuora connector.  Our stakeholders currently use TAXSTATUS from INVOICE object and unavailability of this column through FiveTran will impact our downstream jobs which we are trying to avoid. Please let us know if it is possible for FiveTran to add this column to INVOICE object.