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New Connector: PayPal


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  • Official comment
    Sam User

    Hi Gianluca, Sam from the Product Team here! Thanks for submitting your request. Although Paypal is not currently on the roadmap, we will take this information into consideration during our next quarterly connector evaluation.

    Will this be considered in the pipeline this quarter ?

  • Sam User

    Hi Vinay, 

    Unfortunately, we were not able to prioritize this connector for build in Q2. Have you considered using a cloud function or a Fivetran webhook to pull your Paypal data? Check out Paypal's Webhook documentation here. The more upvotes and customer requests we get, the sooner we can commit to building and maintaining a high-quality Fivetran connector. I hope this helps.

    Sam Dawit 
    Source Partner Manager

    Is this being prioritised anytime soon ? 

    Is there any progress on native connector for paypal

    We would also love to see this connector added.

    Hi all - We are currently planning on building this connector next quarter! Stay tuned for details. 

    Any updates on when this will be available? 

    Hi All - We have released this connector into Private Preview as of Today! We will be sending out emails to you all who who have requested (upvoted, or commented) on this post! 

    Stay tuned for more details in your inbox! 



    Is it possible to add me into the private preview. We have literally just planning the ingestion of Paypal using Airflow as our CFO is keen to have this data, but this connector would save us some effort!

    Is it possible to add me in the Private Preview please. We are in process of ingesting data from papal to Big query.