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Connector Improvement: Iterable (de-selecting tables)


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    Santiago Velez Thanks for suggesting this. I would love to understand which tables you would like to be able to deselect?

    What analytics questions are you solving with Iterable? Which tables do you actively use to answer these questions?

    I'd like to deselect LIST_USER_HISTORY because of the sheer amount of rows that are synced with little value added.  We are seeing tens of millions of rows some days and it is simply a table mapping users <> lists with an updated_at column.

    Hi Drew can you accommodate more de-selection options? I would like to use your Iterable connector but I only really need user_history

    Hi Robert Hill,

    We are currently working on allowing more deselection to the Iterable schema. Marking as "Planned" to reflect this.

    I too would love to be able to de-select more tables. The Iterable connector is using too much data so I've been tasked with migrating our Iterable usage off Fivetran. I would love to be able to de-select the tables I don't need and keep using Fivetran instead.

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