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Connector Improvement: Zendesk votes


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  • Official comment
    Ray User

    Good news everyone,

    We have shipped this update. Please find the user_vote table in the updated schema! ERD Link

  • Ray User

    Hi Fraser,

    Thank you for your feature request! As you correctly identified, our support for Zendesk products beyond Zendesk Support and Zendesk Chat such as Zendesk Gather (community) is fairly limited and can be seen in our Zendesk Connector Documentation.

    We're very keen to improve our connector offering for the Zendesk suite, and will soon be evaluating how we can best support the relevant use cases in line with their new product packaging and organization. Look forward to improvements in the not-too-distant future!

    Meanwhile, it would be great to hear from any other customers who share the same need and may have upvoted! The more significant the business context for this request, the higher we can prioritize it.

    All the best,

    Ray Harris
    Product Manager, Sales & Customer Success Analytics