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Connector Improvement: Make Pin_History table configurable for Pinterest Ads


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    Hi Kiran - we carefully consider all requests to add configuration to Fivetran connectors. Additional configuration comes at the real cost of increased code complexity and increased maintenance effort. That results in fewer new connectors and features. Configuration for one or two tables doesn't sound like much, but a request for a single table can affect many tables due to dependencies.

    For example, in this request allowing PIN_HISTORY to be configurable would also affect the PIN_PROMOTION_HISTORY, PIN_PROMOTION_REPORT, and PIN_PROMOTION_TARGETING_REPORT tables.

    While you may not use all of these tables, we need to carefully consider how allowing configuration of one table could orphan other tables or disrupt the connector sync process.

    I have this request in our backlog and it will be evaluated for inclusion in our next quarter.


    I face the same issue as Kiran and hope you'll find a solution.

    Thank you

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