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Dashboard Improvement: Summary of All Fivetran Connectors Information


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    Hi Pamela Antoinette Rivas, I love love LOVE this request and its something that we want to do next year! I'm curious what is driving this request for you? For example, do you have multiple destinations and you cannot see connectors across the other destinations? Is it hard to manage connectors in their current nested form within a single warehouse? Also, after reviewing this list, what would you envision your next step would be to take action based on what you see here?

    For the information that you've requested specifically such as sync frequency, who created the connector, active status, can you let me know why each of these pieces of information would be helpful? 

    Hello Alexa Maturana-Lowe,

    Thank you for supporting my suggestion!

    We have two destinations right now and its inefficient to go back and forth thru the dashboard when there's an investigation going. 

    And this summary will help us in managing and monitoring all the jobs that have been created by everyone on the team (since I'm not familiar with the connectors created by the other members of the team) 

    We are currently creating an inventory or summary of all the connectors created for tracking purposes. And it's hard to do it if we are going to manually copy paste the connector name, check who created and the sync frequency in a single sheet. 


    Thank you!



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