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Hubspot - Custom Objects Connector


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    Hi Diego, Drew from the Product Team here.

    Thanks for this suggestion. We have a lots of planned improvements for Hubspot including marketing emails and history mode (similar to what we support for our Salesforce connector).

    I will add this to the backlog for consideration in future quarters. I'll update here in the future.

    We're very interested in this functionality as well, and it's holding us back since our "Database to HubSpot" system already supports custom objects, so we can push them one way but not track them the other direction.

    We would also need the support for custom objects - please advise when support will be available as it is critical to our CRM project - I may have to look at alternatives to fivetran :(

    Hey Drew

    Any updates on this connector?

    Hey Magnus Foldager and all, we've begun to investigate how to make this possible. I 100% understand how critical custom objects are to a CRM.

    Our major roadblock is that the endpoints for custom objects do not support incremental reads and writes (documentation here: ). So we can support syncing the objects and their associations to other objects in the Hubspot schema we run into issues related to sync performance.

    We may start with a partial solution that syncs the custom objects at a lower frequency (1x/day or 1x/week) or potentially a cap on the size of custom objects that we allow for syncing. Stay tuned as we make progress here.

    Hi @Drew - Any update on this feature


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