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Other: Expose the Connector API


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    Thank you for the request! There is a way to currently build support for unsupported data types called functions. Details on how to use this is available here: 

    Hi Meera,

    I am aware of the support for functions. However, the supported approaches are all Cloud-based.

    In our case we need to access custom APIs on systems that reside inside the firewall in the compoany network, so thsoe approaches do not seem practical, as we would have at the least punch holes in firewall to allow access or setup connectivity between the cloud function host and our network via, say AWS DirectConnect or setup site-to-site VPN connection from host endpoints in the VPC to our gateway. I'm told that the direct circuit option is pricey and that both it and the site-to-site VPN option will entaill VPC address spaces that may overlap w/ our on-prem address space. There would also be the need to involve our network engineers to configure NAT rules and and other settings.

    It would be much easier for us if we could simply use the Reverse SSH Tunnel we have already setup and is operational for other Fivetran connectors. Hence, the idea to build our own connector using a Fivetran API, and send its requests through that existing, secure and approved entrypoint into our network.



    Hey Albert,

    Thank you for the context. That helps a ton! There is a Fivetran solution available for this scenario. We have support for Webhooks ( Using a webhook and a simple dbt transformation, you could process the events into different tables. 

    Please let me know if there any additional concerns and if the above solution would work for the team.