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Transformation (dbt) triggered on git push



  • Official comment

    Hi, product manager here! That's a cool idea. We are working on improving our dbt functionality. Our first priority is integrating the scheduling of dbt jobs with the schedule of data syncs through Fivetran connectors. I'm not clear if that would help in this case. Does a commit trigger fresh data in a connector sync?

    We have many more improvements under consideration for Fivetran + dbt this year. We will look at this one as an option. Are there other aspects of dbt scheduling / triggering you want to see improved, too?

  • Tom


    What's the status of this? That was one of the attractions of using DBT, was the belief that we'd have transforms that ran in coordination with source table synchs. But, right now, I see no way to do anything other than have a fixed schedule set using cron syntax in the deployment.yml file. How/when will we be able to have transforms synched to the synchs? :-)

    Tom Abraham

    Data Engineer


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