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Connector Improvement: File Matching Logic for Box Connector


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    Hey John and Albert,

    Thank you for your feedback on this request. The ability to match file names is something we have heard from other customers as well. As our Box connector is still in beta, this feedback is key to helping us make the most important improvements to this connector.

    As you mentioned, file filtering allows users to create rules to only sync some files, rather than everything within a folder. Granular access is required in many cases so certain sensitive or unneeded files don't get replicated.

    This is something we will be investigating, but we do not currently have a committed timeframe for at the moment. We will determine priority against other feature requests in an upcoming quarter this year.

    This feature would help us out greatly. We have a use case where the source Box account is not owned or managed by our company but by a partner company. The Box folders are used by business users in finance and contain files such as PDFs and others intended for human consumption, as well as CSV files that we would like to ingest into Fivetran. The current Fivetran Box connector implementation give us no way to do this, and is therefore useless to us.



    We ran into this limitation as well but we did find a workaround.

    If you have a business or enterprise Box account you can connect via FTPS which gives full access to all the file matching logic in Fivetran.

    Box Documentation:

    Hope this helps!