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Transformations: Allow DBT Role to be configurable


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    Hi Chip, 

    Thanks for this request! This is something we have heard from other customers, and we are working on the ability to define a separate warehouse user for dbt transformations. We expect this to be delivered in Q4 which ends January 31 for us. 


    Hi Chip,

    Another solution to this was mentioned to me by the Fishtown team, and it involves using on-run-start hooks to change the role.

    Hi Amy Peterson

    Any news on this feature?

    Thank you.

    Hi Alex, thanks for following up! This feature slipped to our Q1 which is Feb-April. We are working on it now and expect to have it rolled out to customers within the next couple weeks. 

    Thanks for the update! I am fighting with this feature at the moment, so will be delighted when this is rolled-out. :)

    Hi Amy,

    Any update on the feature? It would be great to have this feature.

    Hi Sandeep! This feature is currently in QA and we hope to start rolling it out to users in private preview in another week or two. I'll reach out to you and the others on this thread once it's available. Thanks!

    Any new updates related to this feature request? This is still a blocker for us to use dbt transformations with Fivetran.

    FYI here is a workaround we are using.

    Let's say our original destination was called "snowflake_ingest". We made a separate destination called "snowflake_dbt". This destination goes to the same place (snowflake) but can have a different user and role. We now do all our transformations in snowflake_dbt and do no transformations in snowflake_ingest. All the connectors still live in snowflake_ingest.

    I hope this is helpful!

    This is supported now, please ask FIvetran to enable it your account.