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Connector Improvement: Snapchat country-level filters


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    Hi Santiago, Drew from the Product Team here! Thanks for submitting your request.

    This sounds like a great suggestion! Although it is not yet planned, we will make sure to evaluate it for future prioritization.

    Coming from a country with lots of neighbours, we need to have a country segment in every marketing spend report.

    Currently, we're customers of Fivetran, but our CMO has to manually first download and then forward a CSV from Snapchat every morning for every customer we have connected via Fivetran, just because of this problem.

    Furthermore, due to the lack of a unified "country" dimension in more of your connectors, we're currently working on duplicating your Fivetran Connect Card functionality for ourselves, which causes us to spend money of needless functionality, had you just pulled in this report.

    I hope that by writing here, this request is heard loud and clear; otherwise please tell me about it and I could do other means of public communication about the effects of not having a unified country dimension. :)

    Hi All, wanted to update here that this feature is planed for both Snapchat and Pinterest this quarter.

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