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Conector Improvement: Support PostgreSQL pgoutput plugin


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    Hi Jack!

    Kevin from the Product team here. I agree that we should evaluate alternative Postgres WAL plugins such as pgoutput and wal2json. We currently only support test_decoding, which as you mention, has some limitations.

    Our engineering team has plans to investigate pgoutput's potential benefits to make our Postgres connector with Logical Replication significantly better.

    Additionally, we are also planning some benchmarking projects to investigate key performance improvement areas in different processes end-to-end for Postgres.

    We will make sure to thoroughly evaluate pgoutput and see if it makes a significant impact over test_decoding. Please stay tuned for any improvements we make throughout Q4 for Postgres WAL. 

    Hi Jack,


    I wanted to provide an update to you that we have investigated pgoutput over test_decoding, and are making plans to swap the plugin our Postgres connector uses. Please stay tuned for updates while we scope out and commit to this work. No committed timeframes yet, but this improvement should be scoped and committed to shortly!

    Following up here! We are building this right now and are planning to roll out pgoutput support in this quarter (Q2 2021)

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