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Connector Improvement: Shopify Credit Card Transaction Fees


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    Hi Erica, 

    we had done one prior investigation into this and found that using the Shopify Payments API would slow down our sync a lot which is why we opted not to pursue it this summer. I have just done some more research into this - it might be that we are already fetching the fees in the receipt field of Order Transactions (we are checking this) or alternatively there might be a way to use the brand new Release Candidate 2021-01 of the GraphQL API that contains an object for these fees.

    We are looking into the feasibility of this and will update here what we can do. 



    +1 to this feature. Bjorn, has there been any update on this? The two reports that are important for getting to a P&L are transaction fees charged via ShopPay as well as charges which include things like Platform Fees. 

    Hi, +1, are there any updates on this ? The receipt field of order transactions varies depending on the gateway so it is not usable unfortunately.

    +1 on this, where are we?