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Connector Improvement: Shopify Visits Collection


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    The Analytics API is structured differently than the other APIs we are using and its other tables (i.e. outside the session information) contain denormalized data, that means data that we already have in our schema. So the effort is higher for us to get the session information. Because of that we will see how popular / upvoted this request is going to be. 

    We're also really in need of this data too. It provides key insights for all of our e-commerce clients.

    We absolutely need this as it will be a game changer post iOS 14

    Is there any update on this?  Thanks

    Same here, we absolutely need it. Any updates?

    We absolutely need this too. Any progress on this front?

    Is there any update on this request. We have a client were this is paramount. Could you use Google Analytics for it instead? 

    I would like to push this feature request. Heavily interested in the insights that come with this kind of data.

    Session channel information is really needed

    Hi, Any update on this?


    It will be really useful to have the session information such as bounce rate, conversion rate, session duration, etc for our stores.