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Connector Improvement: Oracle RDS Scan Listener support


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    Hi Melinda,

    Kevin from the product team here! This is a very common ask from our Oracle customers, and something we have on our backlog. 

    I agree that failover is a very common scenario for clusters, and Fivetran should connect to the cluster instance and not just one node within the cluster. We will definitely take a note of your request.

    While I don't have a committed timeframe for this feature, it is definitely on our Oracle team's radar as an improvement for Oracle RAC.

    When we have failovers in the cluster, it causes a resync which costs us in MAR.  This would be good to fix or give credits back for failover syncs such as this.  

    We would like this too - this is important if failovers happen to be able to follow a VIP around a cluster. Resyncs cause significant delay in data availability - we had to do one that took several days to complete.