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Dashboard Improvement: Add resync information to the Manage account UI


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  • Alexa Maturana-Lowe User

    Melinda thanks so much for your request. We currently report resyncs as a part of our logs that can be searched in the log tab on the event page or in the log connector. You can learn more about those events in our documentation. When you say manage account UI, do you mean adding information on resyncs to the usage tab where we currently report MAR. How would you use that data?

    We have been having issues with resyncs on some of our connectors that caused our MAR to go through the roof.  We have been working with our account rep on identifying these and found what we think to be the root cause.  I was thinking it would be helpful to know on the usage tab where you report MAR, as to which ones are resyncs.  A way to keep a handle on these resyncs as to when they happen on which connector so we can closely monitor these issues.

  • Alexa Maturana-Lowe User

    Thanks so much for the additional context and for this request! We're looking into a solution here and will be prioritizing something in the coming quarters.