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Dashboard Improvement: Folders to Group Connectors/Transformations (to manage them better)


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    Thanks so much for the suggestion! I'd love to learn more about how you'd plan to segment out your connectors and transformations - how many / which teams would you likely use? 

    Alexa Maturana-Lowe: Sure thing!

    For connectors, it'd be great to bundle them by use case (I have certain connectors I've loaded for my Marketing team vs for Sales etc etc) and being able to just create a Marketing folder & Sales folder (which both might include 1 Google Sheets connector each) would be great. It's just a bit more clean than having to remember that the 2 Google Sheet connectors grouped together.

    For transformations, it's similar to above. I have certain transformations I'm doing that are data cleanup & aggregation, others that I'm doing to create a metric that blends multiple tables together. So, it'd be great to just be able to create different folders (like "data prep" vs "metrics calculations") so they are logically organized.

    Hello Alexa,


    This would really help organize the connectors, currently if you have 200 connectors under a connector type, there is no way to segregate them and group them under specific business groups or environments. With no grouping of folder option, its hard to maintain team or business group or environment specific connectors together. 




    Ezhilarasan thanks for adding your support! As a workaround in the meantime, have you tried using different destinations to group connectors by business group? We have several customers who do this and it enables them to 1) separate out the teams, 2) provide different permissions to these connectors, 3) manage credit consumption separately.

    Hello Alexa,

    This would really help organizing the connectors. For example having the possibility to create folders by team and also by Report. We have reports that have more than one connector and would like to have them in the same folder.



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