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Connector Improvement: Add extra data to Github like Topics


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    Neil Sheppard thanks for recommending this!

    Out of curiosity, what analytical use case would you be looking to answer with this data? And what priority would you put this use case at?

    Hi Drew.

    I was thinking of using the Github Topics to denote some high level information on the repo. For example, it's a legacy service that we should decommission, or if it's serverless etc.

    The idea was that we could query the Github tables and see how many repos are "legacy", or what technologies they are using. I could then use this to create an engineering report to identify areas of improvement (for example, how many services need decommissioning)

    It's quite a narrow use case, but something I would find useful, so it's not the highest priority of requests!



    Is there any ETA on this? As i am also watching it closely with this being a requirement from us too.

    Drew I also have a use case for additional fields.  My specific use cases are around the "checks" and "action" endpoint, but I have others.  Github uses that as an integration point for external services.  I would be able to tell quite a bit of the health of my code base if I had this information.

    • I could determine how long my checks were taking and if they were meeting SLA.  Is my testing getting too slow?
    • I could determine the quality of my tests, are they flakey.
    • I would know when external actions deployed my code and what SHA it had.

    I would rate this pretty high because it would allow action on engineering initiatives. 

    Hi Neil, Jaswinder, and Tom - 

    We have taken up this improvement in the current sprint. It was being requested in a similar feature request here as well.  

    I'll mark this as planned and share the release notes when it's ready.