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Connector Improvement: Adding support for JQL in Jira connector to filter issues during data sync process

Not planned

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    As of right now we don't support this functionality and you can only filter your data by projects nor do we support any custom transformations after the data is loaded. Is there a particular reason why you cannot use SQL based transformations after the data is loaded into your destination? 


    Hi Frank,

    Our product shall allow our customers to configure ELT pipeline for their Jira instance. One of the options we would like to give to our customers is to specify the filter via JQL, so that only a subset of project data is imported into their destination rather than the data for entire project.


    Are there specific filters that would be utilized such as creation date that your customers are interested in or are they more complex filters? 



    I would say that we expect our customers to use any filtering that is available when using JQL in Jira Cloud (i.e. filters of any complexity involving multiple fields, various conditions and logical operators).


    As of right now we don't support any filtering for JIRA, but will let you know if that changes in the future.