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Connector Improvement: New metrics for Facebook Page connector & Linkedin Page connector


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    Hi Karho,

    Luke from the Product team here! Thanks for submitting this feature request. 

    Meta doesn't list a "reach" field in their API docs, but impressions should be what you're looking for. I think the post_impressions* metrics are what you are looking for. You can find those in our LIFETIME_POST_METRICS tables. Here is our Facebook Pages ERD for reference. 

    Similarly, LinkedIn doesn't provide "views" data. But I think impressionCount is what you're looking for. That comes from the Share Statistics endpoint. You can see the LinkedIn schema in their docs here. We store that data in the SHARE_STATISTICS table in our schema. Here is our LinkedIn Pages ERD for reference. 

    If you think I've made a mistake and you see fields corresponding to these metrics in Facebook or LinkedIn API docs, please share the link and we'll add them to our schema.