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Connector Improvement: LDP/HVR - Use BCP Library on continuous replication when replicating to Sybase & MSSQL

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    Hi Ali,

    What you ask is not trivial. In continuous mode HVR streams data into the destination in the order changes were applied to the source (based on the commit order). What you ask for is for HVR to start having foresight into what is coming, so that if a sequence of inserts into the same table come in then we can switch to BCP.

    I'll have a chat with engineering about this but want to set the expectation that your request sounds a lot more trivial than the implementation would turn out to be. I will follow up as I learn more from the engineers.


    Thank you very much for the response Mark. Completely understand that this is not a trivial request. We look forward to hearing further on this please do let us know if any further information is required

    Adding the above as a reference for David and Walter as to the request which is available in SRS