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Connector Improvement: Customize Historical Time Frame for Shopify Connectors


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    Hi Zack,

    Sadie from the PM team here. This is not something we currently have on the roadmap, but we will continue to monitor demand. Can you share more about your use cases that do not require historical data for Shopify? This will help us understand and prioritize going forward.



    Hi Sadie (or Martin),

    We are an ISV offering a SaaS solution for Shopify customers.

    When a Shopify customer installs our Shopify app, we create a Fivetran connector to extract the data from their store that our SaaS requires for operation.

    Our solution does not require any historical data but only the current (product) information.

    Regular syncs will keep this data up-to-date on our end.

    I assume - looking at the Shopify marketplace - that there many such use cases out there, however, I don't know how many of those are actually using Fivetran for their solution.

    Related to this request is another that I've also raised:

    By chance, I noticed that such a request has also been raised by others independently - however, this is very difficult to find on your feature requests page. However, I have not received a response to this feature request yet.

    If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.