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Other: HVR/LDP - Snowflake Location - specify 2nd warehouse for "state" table updates

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    Hi Terry,

    In line with the discussion on the forum on this topic I don't see this making sense some time soon.

    If you have periods during the week with little or no load, then using an action Scheduling can make sense. E.g. run less frequently during off peak hours, or just use IntegrateStartAfterCapture can significantly reduce the amount of time that your Snowflake warehouse is available.

    Hope this makes sense.


    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your response.  May be this specific "use case" of HVR replication we have is uncommon.

    We need to leave HVR replication running 24/7 - as have no hard time schedules for processing large batches tied to a specific channel where we have allocated a larger medium sized warehouse.

    I just wanted a method of reducing cost of "idle" synchronisation SQL calls driven by HVR background processes - consuming credits adequately served by an XS warehouse,  as opposed to the REAL data ingestion tasks.

    Hope that supplies more context.




    Hi Terry,

    Thanks for that context.

    Please note that the idle cycles don't happen when you configure action Scheduling with option IntegrateStartAfterCapture. With that setting - after activation - the integrate is kicked off by capture when new changes are captured. This is great for when you have periods during the week with no or almost no activity.

    The only minor downside of not running the regular idle integrate cycles is that the recovery point in the destination state table does not move forward. In case of some failover scenario when you might re-activate the starting point of the channel based on the integrate state table it would lead to longer capture rewind. However, if there is anyway little activity on the database overall then the extra duration to capture the longer log history should be very limited.

    The other option would be to lower the frequency of the idle integrate cycles. You could do this with a job environment setting at the system level. Use variable name HVR_GLOB_MAX_WAIT with value 120.00 to lower the frequency to once every 2 hours (from the default once every 10 minutes).

    Hope this provides some options for you to lower your Snowflake bill.