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Connector Improvement: Microsoft Ads - Missing Reports & Fields


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    Hi all,

    We added Audience Performance, Destination URL Performance, and Budget Summary reports to our schema. You can see the complete list of new tables in our changelog here.

    I'm leaving this feature request open because we haven't released budget_type, bid_strategy_id, and bid_strategy_name, but they are on our roadmap. 


    Hi Anoop, Luke from the Product team here!

    Regarding the campaign table fields you mentioned:

    • We plan to add budget_type, bid_strategy_id, and bid_strategy_name.
    • Microsoft doesn't list start_date and end_date in the docs for Campaigns. They are available for Ad Groups, so we have them in our AD_GROUP_HISTORY table.
    • custom_parameter is supported, but since it contains several values instead of one, these values are stored in a separate table: CAMPAIGN_CUSTOM_PARAMETER_HISTORY.
    • base_campaign_id isn't listed as a field in the API docs for Campaigns. Please let me know if you see a field on that docs page corresponding to base_campaign_id and we're missing it.

    Regarding the reports you requested:

    • We plan to add DestinationUrlPerformance and AudiencePerformanceReport this quarter.
    • We plan to add BudgetSummaryReport next quarter (ending April 30th, 2024)
    • Microsoft doesn't list AdDistributionReport in the Report Types in the API docs. AdDistributionReportFilter is a supported filter that you can apply to the AdDistribution column. The AdDistribution column is available in several reports that we provide (e.g. ACCOUNT_PERFORMANCE_DAILY_REPORT). We don't use this filter, so we obtain data for both types of Ads in reports: Audience and Search. 

    What is the approx ETA for the ones which are pending  budget_type, bid_strategy_id, and bid_strategy_name

    We plan to work on these missing fields in one of the next two sprints, so approximately one month.

    Hi Team what is the ETA for these fields budget_type, bid_strategy_id, and bid_strategy_name? 

    Hi Anoop,

    Thanks for your patience. We have this assigned to the current sprint. If there are no complications this will be rolled out in 2-3 weeks.