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Connector Improvement: Schedule Option for On-demand Sync Only


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    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your preferred workflow.
    What is slightly confusing me is why you benefit from having any of the MS Power Automate steps at all?
    Fivetran is monitoring the Sharepoint folder for you. The Fivetran Platform connector can be used to monitor when a connector completes a sync and how much data has been transferred in that sync.

    Best regards


    Alison, I'm using the Power Automate steps so I can ensure that the sync happens when I need it to for the one time each week I have new data. 

    The alternative would be to have Fivetran sync every day, seven days a week, every fifteen minutes so I can capture the one sync for the week in a timely manner.

    Hi Paul,

    Right - but why would having Fivetran sync every day, seven days a week, every fifteen minutes be a problem for you?
    We only charge for data we actually transfer, we are designed and optimized for that very quick sync check in to see if there is new data ready.


    Alison, your point is well taken and perhaps my thought process here was a little old-school.

    I've gone ahead and changed all of the sharepoint connectors to 15 minute syncs and will be disabling the Power Automate jobs.

    On the good side, I learned how to work with the Fivetran API!

    Thanks for your help.