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Connector Improvement: Pardot connector - Add Missing Tables according to Pardot API document


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    Hi Poon, 

    We added a new table, EMAIL_TEMPLATE to our schema. You can view the changelog here and our updated ERD here. We also have an EMAIL_TAG table that stores tags for the email templates.

    We're still working on adding Custom Redirects to our schema. I'll post again here when that is complete. 


    Hi Poon, Luke from the Product team here. 

    Thanks for submitting this request. Upgrading to V5 and adding the missing endpoints is on our roadmap. I'll post an update here once we begin rolling it out.

    A quick note on the Tag Objects - these are already available in our schema. You can see these tables on the right side of our current ERD here. Each tag type is broken out into its own table. These tables have a foreign key that links the tag to a related object (e.g. user, opportunity, campaign, etc.). Let me know if that doesn't cover your use case. 

    Hi Luke,

    Thank you for the update. I'm happy to hear that they will be in the roadmap.

    Regarding the tag objects, from what I understand, we still do not have the tags for the email template and this is the reason why I have put the whole Tag Object table in the request above. From our side, it would be really helpful to be able to utilise email template and their tags to identify their characteristics. Many thanks Poon.

    Hi Poon,

    We're starting to roll the V5 updates out. We've found some issues with the performance of the new version. We're looking for customers willing to help with testing to speed up the process. Would you be willing to provide source access to support this rollout? I can have our team send a request by email.

    Regarding the tag objects, we will include tags for email templates with the V5 updates.