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Connector Improvement: Support Typeform Ranking Questions


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    Hello, Mahesh from the Product team here!

    Thanks for submitting this feature request. I manage our Typeform connector.

    We can add indexing to the answer choices. Could you please provide us with an example of what you hope to achieve using the API response? Because this is not something we are getting in the API response and It will help our developers determine what needs to be done to achieve this.


    Just ran into the same issue. We can clearly see the correct ordering in the Typeform UI and API responses, but this does not get preserved in any way in the `typeform.response_answer_choice` table nor does the connector provide any other information which could be used to order the choices.

    Hello Mahesh,

    thank you for your fast response!

    Our Use Case looks like this: Questions of type "ranking" ask survey participants to rank all the choices offered in order of their preference, e.g. Question: "What is you favourite city?" -> offered Choices: New York, Tokio, Amsterdam -> ordered by participant (as part of the API response): ["Tokio", "Amsterdam", "New York"]. The answer in the API is structured in a way that it gives us all possible choices, but sorted in the preference of the participant. We need this sorting preserved to analyze the answers accross all participants, eg. How many selected "Tokio" as their first choice? or On average, what sorting place was assigned to "Amsterdam"?

    Currently we only get the information that the participant selected all offered choices, but not in what order. But this is the important information to correctly analyze ranking questions. So we would need some sort of ranking index in the 'answer.choices' table which preserves the order in which the API response gave the choices, e.g. API response ["Tokio", "Amsterdam", "New York"] means the participant placed the choice "Tokio" on first place, "Amsterdam" second and "New York" third. The index column should reflect that.

    I hope that explanation helps.
    Best regards,
    Sabrina Koopmans

    Hi there, Mahesh from Product team here.

    Thank you for submitting this feature request. I'm happy to report that we're currently working on making this feature available. Stay tuned here for updates on when the feature will become available.