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Connector Improvement: Shopify Session/Visit/Traffic Report


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    Hi all,

    After looking into this a bit more, we've discovered that Shopify doesn't provide access via API to session/pageview data at the shop level. However, they do provide it at the product level (e.g. the number of sessions in which a particular product was viewed, the number of sessions in which a particular product was added to the cart). You can see more information about what's available via API here:

    Would the data at the product level be valuable to you? 

    It's also worth noting that this data is only available from Plus merchant stores.



    Hi Tumini and others interested in this feature,

    Thanks for sharing the request. I can definitely see how this data would be valuable for you. We don't have it on the roadmap right now, but I've added it to our backlog. In the meantime, can you share any links from Shopify on the reports you're interested in? Or, can you provide information on which reports in your Shopify store admin you're interested in? Details will help us evaluate feasibility and prioritize accordingly.



    Hi Sadie, we are looking to get enough information from the Shopify connector about sessions by landing page, by location and overall sessions over time.