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Connector Improvement: Connector Improvement: Google Campaign Manager (GCM) 360 - Include Unattributed Conversions

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    Hi Sandeep, Drew from the product team here!

    Thank you for the feature request. I've reviewed this and it seems like something we would like to support. I cannot seem to find any references to "unattributed conversions" in the Campaign Manager 360 API reference.

    Are you aware of any way to capture this data via the API? That would be a requirement for us to proceed. I've also asked the engineering team to evaluate this request.

    Hi Drew,

    Thank you for the follow-up. 

    They are part of report setup for Floodlight reports.

    This is listed in the CM360 API Report references.

    This would be a great addition, as such unattributed conversions are always counted under the overall conversions numbers.

    Hope this is helpful.