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Connector Improvement: LinkedIn Ad Analytics | Update creative_history metadata table


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    Hi Dean - Thank you for submitting this request. Please find more information below on how to find the creative name based on the type of creative. 

    For the creative types: followerjobspotlight and text_ad, the creative name is in the fields follower_headlinejobs_headlinespotlight_headline and text_ad_headline respectively.
    For creative type InMailContent, then table creative_history will have reference field to in_mail_content_history table that will contain the name of this creative

    Let me know if this still doesn't address your need.

    Hi Shiva,

    That doesn't answer my question. All those fields you called out are coming into all of our connectors as null. This is the case for 12 connections that are or were active. 

    Sorry for the delayed response.


    Same as @Dean here, all fields are null and we can't join analytics to LinkedIn ad without it

    Hi Dean - Could you open a support ticket about the fields coming in as null? Our team will need source access to investigate the issue.