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Connector Improvement: Qualtrics

Not planned

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    Ray User

    Hi Andy - we carefully consider all requests to add configuration to Fivetran connectors. Additional configuration comes at the real cost of increased code complexity and increased maintenance effort. That results in fewer new connectors and features. Configuration for one or two tables doesn't sound like much, but each request is for different tables. Implementing each one would create an impossible burden across the thousands of tables in our carefully designed schemas. Where we have added table configuration to API-based connectors is when the MAR is disproportional to the MAR of the entire connector. I understand that in your use case, these tables may contribute significantly more MAR than others, however across our customer base, these two tables appear to represent around 6-7% of Qualtrics MAR on average, so unfortunately we will not be considering adding table selection for these tables at this time. 

    We will continue to monitor for demand for this request and reevaluate accordingly.