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Connector Improvement: Announced Oct 1 change to Salesforce connector re: Formula fields is a step back

Not planned

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    Ray User

    Hi Tim,

    I appreciate your concern here. All existing connectors which are directly syncing formula fields will continue to do so without needing an API call. Our team has configured the setup to support this for you already. For all newly created connectors, the API will be the recommended way to achieve this behavior until further notice. Our support team will always be available to assist as well. 

    Meanwhile, I do urge you and others to consider using transformations to replicate formula fields. Our solution has been increasing in quality and we now also support the much-requested rollup summary fields.

    Ray, I'm familiar with the pitfalls of using replicated SFDC formula fields in Fivetran, but certain internal customers still want them available and I rather not have to get formula fields on a connector by connector basis (currently it is all or none from what I recall).   We are not in a position to utilize Fivetran/dbt transformations at this point in time.