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Connector Improvement: Add Next Reply Time data from Zendesk

Not planned

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    Ray User

    Hi Ahsran,

    Thanks for submitting the request. It should be possible to calculate this from the existing data we sync in the Zendesk connector, no? Per our Shared Responsibility Model, we always aim to sync the lowest level, non-aggregated data. Analytical derived values like this should be calculated downstream when possible. Please correct me if that is not possible here!

    Hey! I had responded via email but it doesn't update here for some reason.
    It is complicated to calculate when taking into account business hours, time zones, and some countries having holidays on different days (for e.g Israel). There are a bunch of edge cases as well. 
    I am not sure if it is even possible to do in SQL due to the number of transformations taking place. If it is, it would be a long query.
    Is it possible to add this SLA data (next reply time and even first reply time)