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Connector Improvement: HubSpot Table-Level Sync


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    Hi Julia, Drew from the Product Team here.

    Thanks for this request. Out of curiosity, how often are you having to resync your HubSpot connector and why are you choosing to do so?

    I've added this to our backlog for evaluation.

    Hi Drew,

    The connector has to be re-synced whenever we want to pull an additional field from HubSpot to our data warehouse. In the initial set-up sync for the HubSpot connector, we did not include all fields from all schemas because not all of them will be used in transformations and reporting. So, when we come across an additional field in HubSpot that needs to be pulled into our data warehouse, it would be nice to have the option to just re-sync a table instead of the full connector while still getting historical values for that newly-selected field.

    Basically what I'm proposing is that the HubSpot connector act similarly to how the connectors for Salesforce, Zuora, etc. work when selecting an additional field to start syncing.