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    Hi Magnus Foldager, Drew from the Product Team here!

    Thanks for submitting this feature request. Could you share a bit more about how you might use quote data in your analytics use case? Also, how were you previously tracking this data if not through your Fivetran Hubspot connector?

    Hey Drew

    I can't find a "reply to comment" button, but I hope this works.

    Use case:
    Right now we have no visibility of quotes, the amounts, the line items etc.
    We would like to be able to generate an overview of current quotes waiting for a signature, quotes that have been signed, etc., associate them with the line items, so we can see what products they've signed for, associate them with deals so we can confirm that we have signed quotes for contracted deals, read analytics on when renewal dates are due, associate them with deals.
    We're also interested in creating analytics on e.g. contract close %, close confidence, amount of quotes to signature, what products work better, which terms has the highest acceptance rate etc.

    I hope this is sufficient.

    Hey Drew

    Just wanted to follow up on this?

    Would really need this as well and not that difficult there is just a /list query on the quotes api of hubspot

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